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At Carmen's Hair Salon we are proud to feature the Euro Locs hair extention system.

Would you love to have long, beautiful but are frustrated because it just won't grow?
Is your hair thinner and has no volume?
Are you afraid to do highlight on your hair?
Are you doubtful about trying hair extensions because you're scared of the hot glue or wax may damage your hair?

Then Euro Locs is you answer. It is a complete hair extension system that uses the finest quality 100% human hair with a patented application process requiring no glue, no heat, no sewing, no braiding and no chemicals. The Euro Locs system is the safest hair extension method for all hair types.

Euro Locs hair extensions use a unique crimp method to attach top-quality human hair to your own. This system allows hair to be lengthened and thickened, without using any type of glue, weave or wax. The hair extension is attached along your natural hairline with a tiny metal tube. A special tool is used to crimp the metal tube down, ensuring a strong bond. You canít see them and they donít feel heavy on your head. The hair extensions blend perfectly with you own hair. You can use extentions of different colors to achieve a highlogh effect.

Because Euro Locs hair extensions are made from high-quality, untreated human hair, the hair can be dyed any colour and can be permed to match any type of curl, tight or loose.

And beacuse the Euro locs extention hair can be re-used many times, this can save you a lot of money. With other hair extention systems you would normally remove extensions and buy new ones every three months.

Euro Locs are easy to take off. Simply use the crimp to open up the small metal tubes, no heat or chemicals required for removing. If the hair is cared for properly, it can last from 4-6 months and then it can be re-attached.


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